Refund request

Dear intended Future of Butterflies participant,

With regard to the refunding of your costs concerning the cancellation of the symposium, please consider three steps:

  • First, you should of course take care to cancel the reservation of your accommodation (WICC charges 15% of the room costs if you cancel more than 14 days in advance, but that percentage increases later on).
  • Second, when cancelling your flight, it is good to know that you can always request a funding of the airport tax (they typically don’t inform you about that option!).
  • Third, you may consider asking for a refund of the registration costs. For us, as Dutch Butterfly Conservation, we face a charge of 60% of the costs for the venue, so we hope that not all of you will request a complete refund. Should you, however, want to apply for a refund of your payment, then please fill in the information below, so that we may proceed to refund your payment:
Name and adress data & refund

Please fill in you name and adress data here. Then proceed to 'EU-resident' or 'Non EU-resident' to fill in your bank account data.


If your bank is in the EU, please fill in your bank data here.

of your bank

Non EU-resident

If your bank is non in the EU, please fill in your bank data here.