Internships and MSc Projects

MSc projects

Students from universities and polytechnics can work on their final thesis at Dutch Butterfly Conservation. The work will mostly involve additional in-depth research to ongoing projects or it may concern a topical subject requiring further study.

The level at which you work, with regard to, for example, data analysis and statistics, will be adjusted to your educational background. In all cases, we expect you to work fairly independently and use your own initiative .


Internships are carried out over a shorter period and are of a more practical nature than a thesis project. The way you function within the organization will be just as important as the contents of your subject. You will become acquainted with working in a team and learn how to work within the context of a project. Apart from working on your own subject, trainees also participate in ongoing projects. Thus, they may be asked to help with other activities, such as fieldwork, database work, preparing lectures and exhibitions or to represent Dutch Butterfly Conservation at nature and environmental fairs.

Research and Consultancy

Should you wish to work in the field, the height of the field season runs from May to September, but in some cases even in winter and early spring! Outside the field season, you can carry out research on trends in abundance and distribution using our extensive data base. Or you can carry out a literature review consulting our library that covers most of the European literature on butterflies, moths and dragonflies.


  • Monitoring – we have an extensive data bank housing several million records of butterflies , moths and dragonflies.
  • Ecological research – impact of environmental factors
  • Ecological research – ecology of individual species
  • Land-use planning and nature management
  • Moths

Information & Education

The work in the field of Information and Education varies from making folders or carrying out a literature survey to carrying out surveys or holding interviews with local authorities and land managers.


  • Communication
  • Education

Getting interested?

Are you interested in an internship or thesis project at Dutch Butterfly Conservation? Contact Liesbeth van Agt either by telephone or by e-mail, she will make an appointment for you for an introductory meeting with your potential supervisor.