Presentations of the 5th symposium

Future of Butterflies in Europe - 2021 programme 

The time in the margin indicates the start of each presentation on YouTube.

YouTube Thursday 8 April
3:27 Michiel Wallis de Vries 
(Dutch Butterfly Conservation & Wageningen University) 
Future of butterflies and moths: can we halt the decline?
28:40 Frank Vassen 
(European Commission, DG Environment) 
The link between science, monitoring and nature conservation in the EU
1:02:30 David Roy 
(UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology) 
Monitoring butterflies across Europe
1:30:40 Thomas Fartmann 
(University of Osnabrück) 
Butterfly conservation in times of global change
1:52:20 Joost Vogels 
(Stichting Bargerveen & RU Nijmegen) 
Nitrogen deposition and butterflies: what do we know and what can we expect?
YouTube Friday 9 April
2:53 Matt Forister 
(University of Nevada) 
An American perspective on butterfly conservation
28:40 Jacqueline Loos 
(Leuphana University Lüneburg)
Increasing conservation success through embedding butterflies into a social-ecological system perspective 
1:01:40 Thomas Merckx 
(University of Oulu) 
Functional homogenization and local adaptation in urban butterflies and moths
Vlad Dinca 
(University of Oulu) 
Butterfly diversity and conservation in the age of genomics
Chris van Swaay 
(Dutch Butterfly Conservation & Butterfly Conservation Europe) 
An outlook for the future of butterflies in Europe

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