Butterfly Conservation Europe

Butterfly Conservation Europe is a partnership organisation focused on halting and reversing the decline of butterflies, moths and their habitats throughout Europe.


Butterflies and moths are in serious decline in most European countries. Action is urgently needed at a European level to halt their decline and restore a countryside rich in butterflies, moths and other wildlife. Organisations and friends in various countries across Europe have therefore come together to form Butterfly Conservation Europe.


Aims and operating principles

BCE aims to prevent the extinction of any species of butterfly and moth, especially in Europe, and promote all activities and initiatives to conserve butterflies, moths and their habitats in Europe. A major focus is to help implement the Convention of Biological Diversity with respect to butterflies, moths and their habitats, and contribute to the implementation of the EU Biodiversity Strategy 2030, including the target to reverse declines in wild pollinators. We regard butterflies as a vital part of this.


The operating principles of BCE are:

  • Build on what already exists.
  • Encourage the formation of new organisations where no existing organisation is available.
  • Be task oriented with minimum bureaucracy.
  • Form a genuine and mutually supportive partnership.
  • Include a fair geographical representation.
  • Work together to promote butterfly and moth conservation, and the aims of BC Europe.
  • Collaborate and co-operate with others to ensure a holistic approach to nature conservation.

Butterfly Conservation Europe


Butterfly Conservation Europe
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