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On this page, you can find reports and articles created by BCE or related to butterfly conservation considered important. 


Relevant scientific papers


Technical Report EU Butterfly Grassland Species

The updated EU Grassland Butterfly Indicator 1990-2020 is the combined population trend of 17 selected grassland species monitored across Europe for a long period of time. The indicator has been calculated from population trends estimated for the whole European region and restricted to the 27 EU Member States. In the last ten years, the indicator shows a linear decline of 32% in the EU27 and 36% in Europe up to 2020 with the last update of the eBMS database. 

EU Grassland Butterfly Indicator 1990-2020


Technical Reports ABLE project

 All produced results during the European project ABLE between 2018-2020.


Annual BMS Reports

There are many different Butterfly Monitoring Schemes in Europe that generate frequently, in some cases annually, reports on the data collected on their BMS. Here you can find some of the reports produced recently:

Annual BMS Reports


eBMS Newsletter

Discover the different Newsletters produced on the European Butterfly Monitoring Scheme updating the news of new partners, new tools and functions to monitor butterflies and more:

eBMS Newsletters