Partners Network

Our partners in Europe

In order to implement conservation action at a country level, Butterfly Conservation Europe works through a network of Partners, usually one for each country. We currently have 52 Partners in 39 countries, plus contacts in several more (see below).

Any organisation for which the mission of BC Europe is a major objective is eligible.

The Network is open to organisations working in Europe, both governmental and non-governmental. The Board of BC Europe will approve organisations that apply to become Network Partners and any projects that are developed on its behalf. Partners are appointed initially for a provisional period of 3 years to allow a good working relationship to be developed before being confirmed by the Board. Each Network Partner designates a contact person to be responsible for liaising with and contributing to Network decisions.

BC Europe also greatly welcomes the involvement of individuals, both professional and amateur, to contribute to its projects and help achieve its goals. Individuals will be expected to co-operate fully with relevant Network Partners as well as the Board and Secretariat of BC Europe.

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