About BCE

Butterfly Conservation Europe is a partnership organisation focused on halting and reversing the decline of butterflies, moths and their habitats throughout Europe.


BCE Board

Members of BCE Board September 2021

  • Sam Ellis (chairman)
  • Chris van Swaay (secretary)
  • Martin Wiemers (treasurer)
  • Lars Petterson
  • Simona Bonelli
  • Evrim Karacetin
  • Constanti Stefanescu


Advisory Group

  • Sue Collins (Policy Advisor)
  • Josef Settele
  • Martin Warren
  • Irma Wynhoff
  • Dirk Maes
  • Mike Prentice
  • Rudi Verovnik
  • Martina Sasic
  • Miguel Munguira
  • Aidan Whitfield
  • Cristina G. Sevilleja


Butterfly Conservation Europe spends all its finances to support its goals. Board members do not receive any financial compensation, except travel expenses.


BCE's board members and advisors April 2021, Online Board Meeting: Sam Ellis, Chris van Swaay, Simona Bonelli, Aidan Whitfield, Evrim Karacetin, Martina Sasic, Dirk Maes, Constanti Stefanescu, Irma Wynhoff, Cristina Sevilleja, Josef Settele, Martin Wiemers, Timothy Foulds, Lars Pettersson, Sue Collins, Martin Warren, Rudi Verovnik, Miguel Munguira and Mike Prentice.



About BCE