Target and Pledges

Networking event on butterflies and EU Biodiversity Strategy targets

29-30 March 2020

Phengaris alcon (Alcon Blue) Phengaris alcon (Alcon Blue)

In the frame of the Natura 2000 biogeographical process, this networking event held on 29-30 March 2022, aims to improve the protection and restoration of butterfly populations, as a contribution to the EU Biodiversity Strategy targets for 2030, for achieving legal protection of at least 30% of EU land and sea area (one third at least strictly protected) and the non-deterioration in the trends of protected species and habitats.

BCE hosted this event, the first networking event on groups of species or habitats that we intend to organise in the course of 2022, to support the Member States in preparing their pledges for the above targets.

You can find the  agenda of the event  and the briefing note .

We have completed a short Report on the Pledge and Butterflies networking EU event. This report includes conclusions and recommendations from the discussions; key points from the different break-out groups; background information; links to resources; and the list of participants.


You can download the presentations of the plenary session in pdf:

You can watch the plenary session in the following video or in the Youtube Channel of BCE: