European Butterfly Monitoring Scheme

The majority of Butterfly Monitoring Schemes (BMS) have their own database to collect data and organize their own volunteers. However, an online data gathering system has now been provided by the Center for Ecology & Hydrology (CEH) in collaboration with BCE

This provides a central online system for collecting butterfly data. This system particularly benefits new schemes and countries starting to monitor butterflies for the first time, using the website as a platform for collecting data, manage volunteers and provide information. 


eBMS website


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The website together with the new app ButterflyCount facilitates the collection of butterfly data in the field with transects, fixed routes, and a developing methodology 15-min Counts. Collecting butterfly data will help us to understand their population trends and their status in order to work for their conservation effectively.

You can register a transect on the eBMS website and contribute to our knowledge of butterflies and to European butterfly indicators.


If there is any doubt or problem with the website, you can contact ebms@ceh.ac.uk