Butterflies in Turkey

Butterfly Conservation in Turkey


Limenitis reducta (Southern White Admiral) Limenitis reducta (Southern White Admiral)

The project Butterfly Conservation in Turkey” aimed to establish and develop the basis for the active conservation of Turkey’s butterflies. The project had to start almost from zero and accomplish the first basic steps for the development of the concept for the conservation of a particular group – the butterflies of Turkey. So far, the project has achieved this main goal and we are pleased to share some of the results, the project outputs, the experiences, and the lessons learned in this challenging process.

The project produced a Red Book of the Butterflies in Turkey and a National Butterfly Conservation Strategy for Turkey with an initial list of the Prime Butterfly Areas in Turkey.

The Red List has been published in Turkish and English (2011). The National Butterfly Conservation Strategy presents the priority areas for butterfly conservation (the core set of Prime Butterfly Areas), the principal threats, and the conservation actions needed to conserve butterflies throughout Turkey. For a glimpse of the beauty of Turkey’s nature and the richness of its butterfly fauna, see this amazing brochure. Please have a look also at the website of our partner organization DKM in Ankara.